Debbie + Heinz = Hugo

Debbie & Heinz are YouTube Vloggers. Although Debbie and I have been chatting online for quite awhile about our housewife life, this was our first time to finally meet in person. I believe that there is a perfect time for everything… and I could say that it was the most perfect timing. I am blessed for being able to capture this precious moment in Debbie & Heinzer’s life. Planning of the shoot was done thru Viber too. Debbie and I would chat in Viber and exchange photos throughout the planning, including while she was shopping for the outfits and props. And look at how it all turned out! I love every detail of this shoot! I would like to thank this super nice couple for their cooperation and their 100% trust in my vision and my craft. No ifs. No buts. They did everything as I instructed them to do. I guess that’s one of the secrets behind great photos… so trust your photographer’s vision. Oh, I met Mommy Honey too! Thank you sa buffet lunch hahaha. I loved every dish she has prepared for us. Kendra had fun bonding with Tito Heinz too because of his funny and witty Kidzania stints. Congratulations again Debbie & Heinz! I can’t wait to meet Baby Hugo.

Enjoy the photos!




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